Litigation Support

Litigation SupportVery few things are more frightening and disruptive than a situation which may result in litigation.  It can take time away from and frequently threaten the continuation of your livelihood.  Although Santora CPA Group does not provide legal advice, we do work with attorneys to investigate financial data and serve as expert witnesses.  As an expert witness, we can make the difference between success and failure when your case hinges on authoritative and persuasive presentation of financial data.

Being able to present and explain complicated financial information to a jury in terms they understand can also make the difference between winning and losing the case.  We have a broad range of experience in presenting and interpreting financial data in the courtroom.  Santora CPA Group has been on the winning side of cases involving alleged tax fraud, tax evasion, business interruption and lost profits, patent infringements, divorce, and discovery.

Our team includes professionals with SEC and business valuation experience, and certification in fraud examination.   We can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Review & analysis of documents
  • Damage calculations
  • Detailed expert report preparation
  • Deposition & court testimony
  • Rebuttal reports
  • Forensic accounting

If you’d like to find out more information, call or e-mail Bill Santora, Director at 302-737-6200 or toll free at 800-347-0116.