Employee Handbooks

 We can write a handbook for you from scratch or review, update, and revise your existing Handbook.

We make this a relatively painless process.  Once the Handbook is done, you’ll have made policy decisions before specific issues occur, so you won’t be forced to make crises decisions later.

Providing all your employees with a well-written Employee Handbook lets them know what to expect from the company, and what you expect from them.  It can free you up from having to make decisions on an employee-by-employee basis.  It also brings guidance and consistency to how you handle employee situations.

We can also provide you with separate policies on an as-needed basis.

For further information, call Linda Pappajohn, Human Resources Director, at (302) 737-6200, toll free at (800) 347-0116, e-mail Linda or complete the Feedback tab on the right side of this page.